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Energy and downstream law

Energy and downstream law

One of the benefits of crude oil to the countries blessed with it is that it creates wealth for such a nation. The sectors are always divided within the nations either to indigenes or multinational companies. A company that cannot cope with the financial demands of the upstream sector can certainly ply its trade in the downstream sector. In Nigeria, there seems no clear synergy between the upstream and downstream. This poses a bit of developmental issues for the sector.


As far as we do not make law at Silk Partners we can however influence them through our legal publications and adding our voice to the teeming numbers of wise scholars advising the federal government on the laws and policy to be adopted in the downstream sector.


One critical factor in the downstream sector is transportation. An avalanche of litigations in the Nigerian court lays credence to this fact. But our influence in carrying out well negotiated win-win settlements to parties have stood us out over the years. Our clients have got to improve their ROI in the sector; thanks to our unique approach to dispute settlement.


Our experts also advise on the necessary transportation mechanism to go through, go through the legal jungle required for our clients to have a suitable transportation process. We are primed to negotiate on behalf of our client with any operator. We skillfully draft legal instruments that will benefit our clients. Our partners are well acknowledged by all and sundry when it comes to the issue of energy in Nigeria, hence we are fully equipped both in personnel and requisite skill set burnished with years of experience to handle any issue or problem regarding the downstream sector not only in Nigeria but in any part of the world.