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Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

The need for efficiency and cost saving has made several companies to outsource their legal needs. Outsourcing does not only save costs but it avails the service recipient with a range of benefits: important jobs get done more quickly in a time-saving manner. Companies who embrace this product type gain more operational efficiency by focusing on core business activities while at the same time have access to a good mix of skills, technology and services at a reduced cost.

Our banking clients, clients operating in specialized segments of the Free Trade Zones as well as those engaged in the maritime industry, are enjoying this novel product. By utilizing the outsourcing package, our wide network of overseas experts in various fields of law are delivered to our clients at no additional cost.

The Silk Partners’ dream to provide a one-stop shop for our teeming local and foreign clients is made possible through the LPO product. Our law offices – both in Nigeria and overseas- automatically become the client’s legal department and company secretariat. Our sitting staff seconded to the establishment or client’s premises assures an unbroken and seamless dissemination of communication and a timeous delivery of solutions to our clients. As the other side of the same coin, the regulatory and compliance requirement of a sitting qualified legal practitioner in some sectors is also served thereby.

Our LPO product is as old as the firm itself. A lot of modification and improvement have been made to the service as new Rules on legal practitioners’ conducts and ethics emerge. But our focus has always been to bring high-quality legal solutions to your doorsteps in the most efficient, cost-effective and ethical way.